About Us

Sharp Auto Parts is a family run business with deep roots in the automotive industry, spanning over 40 years. From our small beginnings, in the coal mining town of Dundee, KZN, retailing service parts we have grown to a company with 7 branches across South Africa, importing directly from manufacturers. Coupled with established links to automotive companies in the UK and USA, our network is able to deliver goods to regions as remote as the islands of French Polynesia in the South Pacific.
Cylinder heads are our core, with over 300, and counting, different types of cylinder heads in stock, we cover a diverse range of vehicles and implements, from American muscle V8's to vehicles and 4x4's of major brands to Kubota machinery, we stock the largest range of cylinder heads, in South Africa, and possibly the world. From that core we have diversified to crankshafts, connecting rods, blocks, sub-assemblies, engines and other components for the most popular vehicles in our respective markets.  Our vision is to simplify the replacement of components by making brand new parts, of quality, accessible and affordable, delivered with exceptional customer service. How are we able to do this?
  • Our CEO personally visits factories and meets with suppliers to ensure our high standards are met and products are sourced at the best price. Therefore the majority of our products carry a 1 year warranty, subject to T&C, and our prices are always negotiable.
  • Above all our valued team, devoted to customer service, committed to ensuring you get a quality product, at the right price on time, always research the market.

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